Graduation Reminders!

*Graduation will take place in the High School Auditorium at 1:00 tomorrow.   

*The high school doors will open at 12:45. We ask that everyone parks in the lower parking lot and enters through the auditorium/ gymnasium entrance.  We will try to get everyone inside as quickly as possible if the weather is bad.  Please have your ticket in your hand to keep the line moving. 

* White collared shirts are suggested but not mandatory.  Students may wear dress code approved clothes or better.  Girls should not wear anything in their hair since they will be wearing caps. 

* Students should NOT bring a coat, backpack or any other belongings tomorrow.  If you are packing a lunch, please pack it in a brown paper bag, as we will not be able to bring any belongings to the high school with us.  If your child does bring any belongings to school, please understand that they will not bring them home until Wednesday. 

* Your child does not need a snack on Tuesday.   

*Each class will have a designated area in gymnasium.  Look for a sign with your child’s teacher’s name.  All students must return their cap, gown and tassel to their child’s teacher before leaving the gymnasium.  If you are taking your child home, please be sure to sign them out before leaving the gymnasium.